Built in a field of olive trees, Nirikos Camping Village is a three-star camping/glamping site located in Vourlaki Kariotes, 3 km from Lefkas (the island’s capital), 800 m from the village of Kariotes and 1500 m from Kariotes beach.

At NIRIKOS Camping and Glamping site, there’s something for everyone, from camping and glamping enthusiasts to recreational vehicle and caravan enthusiasts. And for those who prefer comfort, 11 well-equipped solid wood eco-tents are available.

Camping Accommodations

The reception and mini-market are in the middle of the campsite.

At reception you can hire a bike for a cultural tour or to go to the beach and town.

NIRIKOS camping/Glamping Village is suitable for people with reduced mobility (in wheelchairs).

Zones of the Camping

NIRIKOS camping/Glamping village is composed from four zones:

Zone A: Includes reception and common areas: Shared bathrooms and showers, Bathroom for people with reduced mobility, Private bathrooms, Laundry, Swimming pool for children and adults, bar, Restaurant, Common kitchen, barbecue area, minimarket, Multifunction’s room, Roof bar

Zone B: Glamping area 1: which includes 8 furnished tents

Zone C: Caravanning area, which includes 10 spaces for 10 caravans (60m2 for each placement)

Zone D:  Glamping area 2 : which includes 5 furnished tents

Zone E : Camping area: This area is mainly intended for campers

+ 2 parking areas

All areas have access to electrical sockets. There are benches and tables throughout the campsite and on some pitches, making your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

The campsite is covered in trees, providing plenty of shade.